EAGLE is a platform that automatically provides accurate and objective information about the suitability of a renewable energy technology for a given user scenario. The system is intuitive and easy to use, employing a unique dynamic grading technology. This enables consumers to make better informed decisions about solar technology and will allow members of EAGLE to provide better service.


This platform has been built during a project called "Development and demonstration of a dynamic, web-based, renewable energy rating platform", which lasted for 3 years and was funded by the European Commission through the Framework Seven Programme (FP7).

The EAGLE platform aims to achieve 3 key goals

    1. Provide easy to understand, objective and accurate information about Renewable Energy Systems (RES) when incorporated in a specific dwelling or building
    2. Enable our large membership to provide more accurate information of RES return on investment for a given scenario (as well as reduced cost for preparation work - i.e. estimations of installation requirements)
    3. Enable targeted information or educational campaigns about RES benefits for homeowners or other high-end users (i.e. target consumers that would be most likely to benefit due to the nature and location of their property)

The key differences with other existing solar platforms are its unique features, such as:

  • Ability to assess suitability (in real-time) of roof-space for solar thermal/photovoltaic systems based on high resolution aerial photography, LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging or laser radar) and Cadaster (public records of land and ownership used for tax purposes) data (location, orientation, slope, shading, area).
  • Ability to calculate (with high degree of accuracy) the expected return on investment of relevant renewable energy technology based on actual local energy tariffs (including feed in tariffs), estimated energy demand, heating type, available subsidies, average cost of specific solar or heat pump technologies.

The target users for the EAGLE platform can be grouped into 5 categories:

  • Private individuals - people or entities who are interested in gaining more knowledge of solar technology and evaluating their own home's aptitude for solar investments
  • Solar technology installers - companies whose main activity is the installation of solar technology solutions
  • Solar technology manufacturers - companies whose main activity is the manufacturing of solar technology panels and other components or accessories
  • Governments - public entities who wish to gain knowledge of solar potential over a wide area, or who wish to communicate updates in policy or feed-in-tariffs to members of the portal
  • Energy companies - companies that provide electricity infrastructure and other related services and are impacted by solar technology uptake